Wrestling The History

Wrestling History

Wrestling worldwide began as hand to hand combat subsituting death or knockout to display strength and physical ability.  Wrestling itself has been documented back around 2500 BC thru Egyption and Babylon drawings. Indian wrestling documents back to 1500 BC and Chinese to 700 BC. Japan wrestling dates back to the 1st century BC

In Acient Greece times wrestling was the most popular sport with young men being trained at an early age in wrestling schools or palestras wrestling became part of the olympic games from 776 BC. Pancratium was one of the wrestling events which combined boxing and wrestling and was one of the two olympic wrestling events. Upright wrestling was also part of the pentathlon. The second was a toppling event best of 3 fall. The most famous olympic acient Greek wrestler was Milon of Croton who won six times during the games.

Irans national sport is wrestling and was introduced around the 13th century when modern techniques were influenced by turks and mongolian styles wrestling from the 13th century. Turkish wrestlers of around 800 AD were hired by Islamic rulers practising loose wrestling called Kornesh.

India and Pakistan have practised a loose style wrestling indroduced in 1526 after the Mogals Demise. Indias loose style wrestling is still practised in the 20th century.

European wrestling  accured thoughout the middle ages the first match recorded in London was in the 13th century. Jacket wrestling was created called devon and cornwall and has started in the 5th century wrestling was taught to the knights of the Roman empire. Documents of intructions how to wrestle appeared in handwritten manuscript as before printing was invented.

The 19th century saw 2 forms of wrestling dominate the field of wrestling freestyle wrestling and Greco Roman wrestling which was made popular by the French trying to copy the styles of the acient greeks. The french style Greco wrestling forbits leg grapples and only allows holds above the belt line in 1896 Greco wrestling was introduced to the olympic games. The other main style of wrestling freestyle was introduced in 1888 popularised by Britian and Americas a professional sport when it was reconised as an amateur sport by the Amateur Sports Association.

A belt wrestling style was developed by the Japanese known as Sumo wrestling the topling wrestling involved by forcing the opponant out of the ring. The 17th century saw the sport of Sumo wrestling as a professional sport in Japan. Other japanese wrestling styles include Samurai martials arts as Jujitsu and Judo which were practised world wide from the 20th century.

Topling wrestling: Practised by Greeks
Upright wrestling: 
Practised by Greeks
Loose wrestling: Practised by Turks Indians
Belt wrestling: Practised by Japanese
Jacket wrestling:  Practised by Roman Knights

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