Sumo Wrestling Ceremonies.


There are many long and important rituals which takes up much of the time as a sumo bout will usually only last a matter of seconds. Sumo hair styles represent divisions and formality O-icho The more formal hair style is worn by rikishi in the top two divisions. Mage is the top knot worn by rikishi it is made into two different hair styles. The chonmage which is worn by all rikishi and the O-icho. The sumo wrestlers wear a cloth garment worn by all rikishi when they train and compete. The sumo wear a Kesho-mawashi a ceremonial apron worn by rikishi in the top two divisions during their dohyo-iri. The ceremony starts with the Dohyo-iri the official ring entering ceremony performed by members of the top two divisions in ozumo. The top position of sumo the :”yokozuna” is given a sword by the sword bearers Tachimochi.they are also escorted by the usher the Tsuyuharai. Before every wrestling bout the wrestlers will make Shikiri the dance step they perform this to intimidate their opponent into submission. Other ceremonies include Danpatsu-shiki as a Rikishi retires his top notch is removed and the Yumitori-shiki The bow twirling ceremony performed daily at the end of every tournament.

Tsuyuharai: The Usher:
Chonmage: Hair which is worn by all rikishi.
O-icho: Hair The Top 2 divisions hair style.
Kesho-mawashi: Ceromonial Apron.
Dohyo-iri: Ring entering ceremony.
Shikiri: The dance step.
Danpatsu-shiki top notch belt removed. 
Yumitori-shiki The bow twirling ceremony

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