Sumo Wrestling Divisions

The top division of sumo wrestling is the Makunouchi The second highest division is. Juryo the first division in which rikishi may receive all the privileges and honors that come with being a member of ozumo’s elite, “sekitori” class. The rookie or amateur wrestling classes make up the majority of the competetion here the newcomers climb the ranks of sumo. Makunouchi is a division competing below the top four ranks. The fourth division from the bottom on the banzuke is the Makushita. The third division from the bottom Sandanme. Jonidan The second division from the bottom and  the lowest division on the banzuke Jonokuchi. The divisions of Sumo wrestling are not to be confused with the rankings of sumo as the top division of Sumo the Makunouchi has the real Yokozuno the grand champion.

Division One: Makunouchi
Division Two : Juryo
Main Division Three: Sekori
Fouth last Makunouchi
Third Last Division: Sananme
Second Last Division: Jonidan
Last Division: Jonokuchi

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